Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Day 9 was started off with a large breakfast, which included breakfast burritos and blueberry muffins created by our two great chefs of the day. We finished breakfast quickly in order to prepare for our short sail to Mountain Point. We were ready and underway by 8 am this morning. Today was our third rotation day in a row. First, we had navigation, in which we learned how to plot courses using a chart, compass, and dividers. Next, we enjoyed grilled cheeses and pink lemonade for lunch. Our next rotation was practicing man overboard skills. To do this, we sailed out of the anchorage and threw over a fender attached to a bucket. We all screamed “man overboard!” as someone is assigned the pointer, whose job is to keep an eye on the fender as the skipper starts to sail the boat the correct way. Our last rotation of the day was diving! The novice divers were broken up into groups in order to practice skills. The advanced divers went further away from shore and scoped out the reef they are planning to dive as their first-night dive tonight. Dinner was risotto, chicken, and salad. We ended the dinner discussing our goals for the rest of the session. The activity after dinner tonight is to take our final PADI open water exam while the advanced divers are night diving. Wish us luck!