Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was an exciting rotation day! Our day began with oatmeal and cereal then we hopped on the dinghy and went to our first rotation of the day, which was sailing Pico sailboats! Josie and I sailed together and it was the peak of our day. We kept capsizing which was so funny but we eventually got the hang of it then had to get towed back to the beach. Next, we sailed Rhodes and we all were tested on how to use the tiller, the main sheet and tacking. We all did great. Then we had lunch back at our boat and ate sandwiches. After that, we studied diving tables that helps us not get decompression sickness. We took a final for it, I failed but I tried harder and got a 90. After that long process, we learned how to tie different knots like the bowline knot and a figure 8 knot, which looks cool. We then went for a swim and started to come up with plan for the ones who have pranked us. Then we started to cook the Mexican fiesta for dinner! Today was an amazing day!