Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we woke up at 7 am, flawless, ready for a peaceful yet exhilarating sail! After a quick breakfast of cream cheese and bagels, we began our sail from Vixen Point to GHP. Once we anchored, the Neptune shipmates were taken to Rangitoto Too for a deep dive lecture, which was truly fascinating. Whilst the dolphins remained on Great White for a talk on digital photography. Once the whole crew had returned to Great White, we feasted on sandwiches of all kinds, peanut butter jelly, turkey lettuce, ham and cheese, flawless and delectable. Finally, we were ready for our dives. During the deep dive, the Neptunes enjoyed some capri-suns and apples at 90 feet below. We also experimented cracking an egg, which was exhilarating. We challenged Cat to a Rubix cube, which she finished in less than two minutes. The dolphins on the other hand, went on their first digi-photo dive, which consisted of magnificent photos being taken, flawless. Once the dives were over, a few of us got to do some water sports. Sydnei managed to flawlessly master the act of monoskiing. We then had salt-water showers, which allowed us to perfect yet another art, diving, for example: race dive, frog dive, penguin dive and finally the fan-favorite, the “dab” dive. Now we are awaiting a magical Mexican meal involving tortillas, and vegetables, among other things. Once dinner is done, the Neptunes have their final lecture on wreck diving, exhilarating. Onboard, we’ve created a flawless family dynamic!