Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we had our first deep dive of the summer! For many of us it was the first deep dive (deeper than 60 feet) and it was very exiting while at our max depth we did some simple science experiments to see what changed and what doesn’t when we dive deeper. We used a special card with all the colors of the rainbow and noted how they changed! At around 40 feet, the red square turned completely black, and when we reached our maximum depth of that dive, orange had started going sort of grey-orange. It was very interesting. We also brought down an egg with us and noted how the pressure affected its shape. Because of the large amount of pressure, the egg stayed mostly spherical. Our sail over was incredibly relaxing and fun. We used a sailing technique called wing-on-wing, which means that the jib sheet and the main sail are out in two different directions, which make them look like wings. Most of us fell asleep on the bow of the boat. For lunch our dive instructor and skipper, Matt, made us all some delicious sandwiches. Today has overall been a very fun, relaxing day.