Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Day 8 started with oatmeal. Everyone wanted the maple and brown sugar; that ran out first. Any leftovers were thrown overboard and eaten by the giant remorra (sharksucker) that was lurking nearby. The DMs dove after breakfast and the Vegas stayed on the boat and did dive theory, we all passed. After that, we headed over to join another boat and were taught different knots such as figure 8, clove hitch and bowline. For lunch, we ate sandwiches and then in the afternoon the Vega girls went to shore and went on a neon-colored Zest. While waiting for our turn, Fressa and I covered Olivia in the sand! The DMs did EFR (CPR & First Aid). For dinner we had Mexican. During clean up, a few dolphins were spotted, we followed them for a while, and everybody on the boat got excited. A great day all around and tomorrow we continue with our dive course.