Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

6:30am came and yet another early morning commenced. After a quick breakfast of oatmeal, we set off for Leverick Bay. Some shore time was well needed by all, especially Brandon who downloaded the newest Pokemon app after telling me he REALLY needed to use my internet hotspot. All refueled with snack stocked, we set sail for Anegada. Finally getting to be at the helm was definitely my favorite part of the day, and we pushed the boat to 104 knots! Gus and Alonso seemed to be loving life on deck at this point as if they were in the Hilton- they lay down and took in the scenes. Rocking up to Anegada at lunchtime, the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made an appearance and we prepped for our beach picnic. Because of the appetite the hard sailing had given us, the sandwiches didn’t last long and we set to work exploring Anegada. Not before making a ten-man, pyramid of course, with Madeline on top. We couldn’t miss a prime photo opp. Eden also looked sharp practicing his martial arts. Anegada was beautiful with some of the clearest water in the Caribbean and only 200 residents, it’s population increased with us. The beaches were perfect for Maddy to take us on a run and Madeline to lead yoga. All this was followed by chicken fights in the water to find the best team (me and Brandon). After the exhaustive few hours on the white sands of Anegada, we took our anchor up and headed back to Mountain Point. The sail was smooth and we even saw a dolphin, which Casey seemed to fall in love with. At the time of writing, Josh and Pedro are preparing Mexican food for our dinner and it smells amazing. I hope that with the guiding hand from Hannah it will be one of the best dinners yet. Unfortunately for deckies Adam and Liz, it’s going to be one of the messiest. However, we do everything with a smile on our face, as always. Mexican food, dolphins, 10.4 knots- what a day!