Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

This morning I woke up and found out that we had a race today. While sailing to the start line, we encountered a big puff of wind. Having never driven a sailboat before, I was still getting used to the movement and was not ready for this puff. I fought against the wind and then my timing was just right when turning into the wind. I decided not to be at the helm during the race because I wanted to hang out, read, and tell riddles. (I ended up getting through 150+ pages of my book today). Then we arrived at the finish line in 1st place. We then went to the beach and hung out in the water. We got back to the boat and started another 2-hour sail. It started raining midway and the salon (living room of boat) became flooded with people. I started to get seasick so I tried to go back up to the cockpit. I took the wheel again and I did pretty well considering wing, rain and waves. Then we arrived where I am now. I attempted to run on water and failed miserably. Then during the squeeze, I found out that Simon’s favorite animal is a sea cucumber. I have reached the end of the day and have no more to write.