Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was an eventful day here on Great White. We woke up, flawless, at 7 am, ready for the exciting day ahead of us. Breakfast consisted of cereal, and once that was over, we motored over to the chimneys, which were super cool. The chimneys are rocks that lean on each other, creating sweet swim-throughs. Loads of fish were there, including an arrow crab we could hold, absolutely flawless. After that dive, we sailed to coral gardens for another dive! This time, we saw an airplane wreck on the dive, which we were all able to swim through. The 2 dives made Great White pretty hungry, so it’s good that we had an ah-mazing lunch planned: mac and cheese. Flawless! After lunch, we listened to Tropics, which is quickly becoming Great White’s favorite song. Then, the Neptunes went to Rangitoto Too for their fish ID knowledge review chats, and the dolphins went to Adonis for their underwater naturalist knowledge review chat. Both chats were really interesting, and when they were over, it was time for showers, which were fun as per usual. Finally, it was time for dinner, which was garden burgers, one of my absolute favorite meals at AQ. Now it’s time for the squeeze, and then a boat Lifeworks forum, which is bound to be incredible. I can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring, which is bound to be FLAWLESS!