Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we had two dives relatively close together! One was called the chimneys, which were huge, long, big pieces of coral. There was also supposedly a “swim through” that you could do, but our group couldn’t find it. Today my group consisted of Kat, Ben, Faris, Nina, Tyson, and I. Next dive; we went to coral gardens for a wreck dive on a plane. As we got down there, I and some other people realized the wings were torn off! Then we just swam around the plane and looked inside. This was, by my recollection, the deepest we’ve gone so far on the trip at 50 feet. The plane was also smaller than I expected, but it was still a fun dive. On both of these dives, there was an insane amount of coral!

Also, to top that off, it was Father’s day today! As skipper, I thought I would do a double question. The second question was, “what is your favorite memory of your dad?”. And many people enjoyed this question, and although some tears were shed, it was still a time to bring us all together. After that, we had a Lifeworks discussion with Zach as the leader. He asked many questions that took a lot of thinking and medium to long answers. The longer the discussion went on, the deeper it got. During this time, many people said that all of the people on this boat were trustworthy, and they said it without a staff member there. This shows that he/she meant it! This conversation tightened the laces and tied them for this great adventure!
Happy Father’s Day!