Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning, the residents of the Rangitoto Too groggily awoke to the sound of the compressor pumping air into our tanks. The day ahead was bust with two dives at beautiful sites soon to come. The shipmates and staff sat down to a breakfast of cereal. We all slumped in our seats, silent, eyes half closed and barely awake. Right after breakfast, we motored to a stunning dive site called the chimneys, Jacque Cousteau’s favorite dive site in the BVI! As we descended into the blue, we were overwhelmed by the coral reef bursting with life. Fish darting about and coral swaying. At the end of the dive, there was an overhead swim through with just enough room for one diver. Inside the swim through, the walls were lined with orange, green and purple corals and sponges. After the chimney’s dive, the members of Rangitoto Too sat down to a quick lunch of mac and cheese. We then motored to the ext dive site, coral garden, while our tanks were being filled. Descending into coral gardens the first view was a wrecked airplane resting on the ocean floor. The airplane was surrounded by fish and covered in purple, orange, blue, pink and green coral swaying every which way. Everyone agreed it was a stunning site. We then motored back to Mountain Point and sat down to a dinner filled with laughter and joy. Today was the first day of session two when the crew completely came together and bonded for the first time.