Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we started off by eating cereal after a squall last night. We were very tired but still very enthusiastic about scuba diving. We dove off the big dive boat Surprise. Andy, our instructor, helped us through confined water 3 and we saw a lot of starfish. After that we went windsurfing. Some of us had to be towed back in a dinghy. While we waited for our turn Alex and Andrew decided to bury themselves in the sand. Before that we had a chat about coral reefs and then we ate mac n cheese. Then we waterskiied and Chase did a 360 on the kneeboard while other people of the group were wakeboarding and other were waterskiing. After a very good shower Uncle Mo cooked some veggie burgers with baked beans. Followed by that we did what we call the squeeze. After that we had a very interesting dive chat and finally we called it a day. Cant wait for tomorrow!