Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was one of the best days! Today we started with a great breakfast which consisted of cereal and fruit as well as water and lemonade. After everything was clean and put away, we got into our dinghy Cirrus and headed off to our first rotation spot which was windsurfing, but sadly this was our last time doing it. After windsurfing, we went to go snorkel at the mangroves. While we were there, we saw a bunch of cool fish and wildlife. Next, we had lunch which was chicken salad, a salad platter, PB+J, and water and lemonade. At 1 pm we headed off to our next activity which was watersports and knot tying. During those activities, we learned a lot of knots to use in our everyday lives and some tips and tricks on how to get up on the kneeboard. After that, we came back to the boat and showered. Next, we had dinner which consisted of garden burgers, salad platter, water and lemonade, mashed potatoes, and beans. Finally, we ended the day with a scuba chat and a fun group game.