Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

After a rainy night, we awoke in our bunks to a warm, cloudy morning in the BVI. After breakfast, we sat down for a discussion on the impacts of plastics and pollution on our marine environments. We then tested our wits with some open-ended questions. Then the shipmates of Breakaway split into super dinghies for some watersports. I was the second person to go and was excited to get on the kneeboard. The engine roared as I was pulled behind. I quickly got to my knees, where I attempted a 360- I only got a 180 before wiping out- still really cool though! Lunch was mac n cheese, and it was a perfect day in the sun. After lunch, we headed to the beach for some windsurfing. The current was strong, so we hung in the sand and surf playing. After that, we gathered our gear and went snorkeling in the mangroves. We saw two sea cucumbers, two lobsters, a sea anemone, and beautiful fish. We finished out the day with veggie burgers, sail chat, and brownies! Excited for our day tomorrow!