Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

A sunrise over Savannah Bay in Virgin Gorda over sparkly, clear, blue water and a picture-perfect white sandy beach. This serene scene was interrupted by a mighty thrust on the side of my hammock and the stentorian bellow of Tor rousing her disciples from slumber. The harbor was left and a long, hard passage across the Caribbean Sea. The crew was pleasantly greeted by a sea of glass like, clear water, and swaying palm trees and a beach whiter than this page. There was much rejoicing. After the festivities upon said beach, there was a mighty feast of bread, peanut butter, and jelly. The voyage in return to Virgin Gorda was a smooth, yet very hot one. It included a mighty wave splashing upon the deck, but mostly was a smooth trip. The entrance into the Virgin Gorda bay was one involving an elaborate docking and anchoring technique in order to bind many boats together. Showers were taken in the heads and a helping of tomato stroganoff was consumed by each deckhand. This epic journey came to close with birthday festivities of a shipmate of a neighboring vessel and a long acquisition of wisdom on the subject of scuba diving from Tor.