Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

It’s always been difficult for me to remember everything I’ve done throughout the day, or at least recant it in a well-structured form. That challenge is even harder here. There is beauty here — beauty in its most raw form. Natural beauty. A beauty so strong that you forget any comparison. There is no comparison to this. The sky is too big; the water is too rich, the fish are too colorful. It’s these things that prevent me from making any comparison. I’m truly grateful for all of this that I’ve sailed on Astrid, that I’ve seen clouds bigger than the islands they float so gracefully over. That I went snorkeling for the first time today. That I’ve discovered, I can dance while kneeboarding. I’m grateful for being able to say that I’ve done all this. I’m grateful knowing that when I die, I can say that I’ve done all this. I hope that I can come back here again.