Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up early as always. We had a quick breakfast and started the day with wakeboarding/kneeboarding/waterskiing. Some people did very well, and others are still learning. Then we started windsurfing and Pico sailing. Windsurfing was really quite difficult for some, but as they practiced, they started to get the hang of it. Very cool to see the learning process. The Pico sailing was fun, and two of the boats capsized. But when we caught the wind and started gliding through the water really fast, it was amazing! Then we had our PB+J lunch. After that, our beginner divers learned to dive. The advanced dove to about 35 feet, but they all got stung by jellyfish! A lot of people were nervous about the first scuba experience, but all agreed it was very interesting to breathe underwater!! Then all of us went back to Celestial Storm and relaxed and took turns learning how to drive the small dinghy. We had a beef Stroganoff dinner and have a Lifeworks talk tonight. But currently, Nick and Linda are dancing in their pirate pants jamming to their second favorite band, Slightly Stoopid. It’s been one of the most exciting days, and the crew is getting to know each other well, and it’s nice to see us becoming a team.