Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

I really loved waking up at 6 am this morning!! The oatmeal on the go really woke me up. The reason we woke up so early was to go to one of the most beautiful places in the entire world the Baths. Arriving at the mooring ball and seeing the beautiful, smooth rocks all aligned like puzzle pieces and all fitting together, winding through the caves with small pools of water lining the bottom was so much fun. My favorite parts of the Baths are jumping off the rocks into the water, and swimming in the underwater cave. In the cave, all sound echoes really loudly off the walls. After the Baths, we all had a fresh water shower and cabin cleaning. We then motored over to Spanishtown. Our first port visit was so much fun. Almost everyone ordered cheeseburgers. Talking to parents and family was so awesome, but we are now becoming our own family. When we left Spanishtown, we all started to help sailing. After we were going for a while, we turned on our new Bob Marley CD, which was followed by our new Jimmy Buffett CD. We arrived in Vixen Point and are now rafted together. This provides the opportunity to meet new people. I can’t wait for laying under the stars tonight. It turned out to be a good day that all started with waking up at 6 am.