Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today has been fantastic so far! We woke up to oatmeal on our cruise over to the baths. After mooring to a ball and cleaning up, Marina took us ashore. The baths are a formation of thousands of boulders that were created by a volcanic eruption and carried by a glacier. The formation of the boulders creates a plethora of mazes and grottoes that are so much fun to explore. I had a blast climbing up to the top of the baths with Allie, Hannah, Kayla, Christian, Payton, JC, Alex, and Ethan. The view from the top was well worth the climb. After the baths, we motored over to Spanish Town, where everyone enjoyed some hamburgers and ice cream. We also all jammed out to some T-Swift! Alex took five or six naps. Ute tried to practice her bowline knots around his legs while he slept. Later we all enjoyed snorkeling at Mountain Point. We all just enjoyed a delicious meal of beef stroganoff. My three favorite parts of my day were watching Marina soak Hannah and Payton with the deckie buckets to get all the sand off of them, secondly standing on top of the world at the baths, and lastly, listening to all of Hannah’s hilarious quotes. So many loves for Surprise! Today was incredible.