Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a rotation day; meaning we would rotate through different activities throughout the day. Activities included watersports, learning how to sail, tying knots, and scuba diving! At 8 AM we got on a super dinghy and participated in watersports such as waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. Since only four people were allowed in the dinghies and we only had two boats not everyone got to participate all at once. Instead one of the two groups had to switch off with the group left on the boat. After that at 10 we learned all about the parts of the boat. We played a game where the instructor would name a part of the boat and you had to touch it, this definitely helps with connecting the names with the physical piece or line. Lunch finally arrived at 12, we had veggie soup and bread. The soup was so delish that I and many others had 2+ bowls. Our next rotation was making Turk’s Heads knots. Turk’s Heads are the signature sailing bracelet. Diving was the last activity of the day. This dive was our second and last confined water dive. We got all geared up on a boat and took a giant stride into the water. We had to complete various skills like a gear removal where we removed our masks and swim around, all underwater! Being underwater is a unique experience, we could see all sorts of wildlife that we would never be able to otherwise! Dinner arrived shortly after the dive. There were broccoli mac and cheese, vegetables and ranch, a good way to finish up this fantastic day.