Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Skipper’s Log- Star Date: Day 5. Our day began at around six this morning when we were awoken by Simon and promptly loaded into Crush along with some scuba gear. More dinghies arrived at the beach filled to the brim with tanks, regs, masks, fins and BCDs. We set up gear on the beach for confined open water and navigation dives for less advanced AQ members. We triumphantly returned to the boat to find breakfast already laid out on the table. After scarfing down our food, we split up for the day. Several of us were in the water assisting in diving classes, several were on shore duty, and 6 were doing a handful of graded skills in the water with Simon. We did our respective activities in the morning and switched roles in the afternoon. Throughout the day, there were many tank runs between our boat, Manic, the beach and the constant lugging of gear around the beach as divers came out of the water. Lets just say it was a long day. Our dinner tonight was well earned.