Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Our day was full of adventure and laughter. It started as soon as we woke up, we took a sail and had an oatmeal breakfast with fresh fruit. I was very drowsy in the morning until we arrived at the Baths, the sight of the rocks was breathtaking. As we arrived on shore most of our crew went straight to the trail exploring, but mostly forging our own path through the rocks. We were met with some difficulty climbing and received some scrapes and bruises. This was all worth it as we arrived at the top of the Baths, which was an amazing sight! After leaving the Baths, we motored to Spanish town. We got there just in time for lunch and I feel I can speak for everyone here, the food was absolutely amazing. For the next 3 hours, we explored and ate until leaving back for Savanna Bay, learning more about each other and sailing. Shortly after we arrived, we had an awesome dinner of chili and rice. The squeeze was full of laughter during which Jake had to leave due to the question of the day because he started laughing/crying. The day finally ended after the climax of the squeeze, as we finally calmed down and went to sleep.