Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we visited one of the most beautiful and coolest spots in the BVI! We started our day off with oatmeal while motoring out of Savanna Bay! After our short motor out of the bay, we arrived at a place called the Baths! The Baths are made up of white sand beaches, clear blue water, and tons of cool caves and rocks to jump off! After we got on to the beach by swimming/dinghying to shore. We took a group picture. After the picture, we all went to the jumping rock to flip and dive into the water! When it was time to leave, we took off to Spanishtown to refuel, get more water and supplies onshore. Soon following the restocking of the boat, we all headed out to eat. After the two hours we spent in the port, we took off for a nice sail back to Savannah Bay. On our way there, our skipper Ruth taught us how to jibe (a turn away from the wind). Soon after practicing the jibe for a few minutes, we were on our way back. After setting anchor, we played cards in the salon. Then after our game of cards, we all got down for a chili dinner! It was a nice ending for a great day!