Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we had a busy schedule, starting with a 6:15 wake-up and followed by a day of sailing, swimming, freshwater showers, Spanish Town, and active dances/workouts. With the whole crew quickly mastering sailing, we made our way to the Baths, where the Banter Boys (Jacob, Robin, Oscar, and Jackson) braved the waters of the Baths. We all had our first freshwater showers and proceeded to sail to, then enter, Spanish Town. We all ate and shopped, and Marlee, Audie, Lauren, Ricky, Jack, and I bought floaties. After sailing back to Savannah Bay, we were all dancing, and the Banter Boys blasted us with their good and hilarious dance moves. And as Rowan, Audie, and I were all working out on the deck, today’s chefs prepared dinner (chili and rice). After dinner, we did the squeeze (where everyone holds hands and the skipper of the day asks a personally chosen question, and we discuss our favorite parts of the day). Ka Ou Fe concluded the day with brownies, a sail chat, card games, and the majority of us crashing on deck.