Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We woke up today on the beautiful Savannah Bay. The other Neptune students on the dive side boats joined us for most of the entire day. We had a quick lecture on navigation before we left to the great beach at the edge of the bay to practice the skills that we had just learned. We split up into two groups, and with our partners, we covered our eyes with towels and we only used a compass to navigate the beach. Everybody did very well. We all came back to our boat to prepare for our dive in the sand circles. Due to our efficiency on the beach and during the dive preparation we were able to go back to the beach and swim and hangout before leaving for the dive. We stayed on the beach for a long time and it was really fun. After our beach time, we came back for a quick lunch of tuna salad. We then went on a quick ride to get to the sand circles to practice navigating. It was a short dive, but it was pretty cool because it was next to a nice reef, so we had a great time. It consisted of 3 stations. the first station was to see our pace of swimming 100 feet so we can navigate precisely. The second was just swimming back and forth for 100 feet using a heading. The final station was testing our ability to navigate in a square. After the dive, we had a lot of time to simply swim and jump off of the side of the boat. The other Neptunes went back to their boats and we showered and prepared for dinner. We had rice and chili, and Danielle joined us for dinner and a squeeze. After dinner we all just hung out and had fun for a long time before we prepared for sleep.