Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today will be a very memorable day! It all started waking up in a hammock with a nice breeze, seeing the sun rise. The chefs of the day brought out some yummy eggs, delicious fruit and really good muffins. So far, it was already a great day! All of us got ready for sailing after breakfast. We sailed the beautiful clear blue ocean for around 4.5 hours. I have to say we are pretty good sailors and most likely gonna win the race! All of us would go up and get splashed by waves and laugh. When it was time to tack everyone would hurry back trying to be the one taking control of the wheel! We all had such a fun time sailing, although we were excited to arrive at Savanna Bay! All the boys got off and went wakeboarding as us girls had a dive contest. By the way, I won every time! After that, we all rinsed off and got into comfy clothes for our dinner that the chefs are preparing now! We will all eat dinner, then I get to say a speech, then everyone talks about their favorite thing of the day! Then we all will get our scuba class then set up hammocks on the deck to sleep in! Every day is just a good, sunny, peaceful day!