Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started the day at the top of the morning- 6 am. While difficult to get up, looking at the early morning horizon was gorgeous. After finishing our scrambled eggs, we geared up for a three-hour sail. Everything went fairly smoothly- both literally and figuratively. One funny incident did occur- Patrick, our full-grown instructor, nearly lost his marbles over a bug about the size of a walnut. We took a brief stop to prepare and lunch before heading out to sail again. After arriving at Ginger Island, we went snorkeling. We saw so many beautiful, interesting fish. A couple of people decided to go waterskiing, while others prepared dinner or helped around the boat. We all took showers by jumping in the ocean and soaping up with saltwater. Dinner consisted of pasta, Alfredo sauce, and hot dogs. The deckies and dishwashers cleaned up while some of us (myself included) participated in a Beyonce dance party. Now we are headed down for our second scuba lesson/chat.