Location: West End, Tortola

As our life-changing experience has come to an end, everyone is sad to say their final goodbyes. Our day started off with an early wakeup, and cereal/oatmeal for breakfast. Later we sailed in a race from The Bight to Peter Island and finished fourth. Then came our boat appreciation cleanup. This cleanup was dreadful, but necessary. After the boat was crystal clear we headed to West End in Tortola for lunch and shore time. As our day comes to an end, we still have the last BBQ to look forward to. All in all, this incredible program has brought us so many amazing opportunities, and guided us on an outstanding journey. A few of us would like to write a little passage about our favorite experiences. Brian H.- my favorite part of the trip was meeting all of the incredible people here, and backflipping with Clark and Jack at the Baths. Jules R.- my favorite parts of the trip were meeting all of these awesome people and diving the Rhone. Clark- The best part of the trip was when Brian, Jack, and I did simultaneous backflips at the Baths. Also meeting all of the incredible people that went on this journey with me. Jack D.- The best parts of the entire trip were definitely the nighttime talks, meeting all of the new people, the jokes Brian made, and doing the flips at the Baths with Clark and Brian. The journey has been incredible. Kaitlyn G.- the best part of the session was definitely how much we bonded as a boat throughout all of our activities. Charlotte D.- the best part of this trip was creating a new family. Max T.- my favorite part was meeting new people from around the world.