Location: West End, Tortola

Wow! Today was the last full day onboard Celestial Storm with my shipmates that have practically become my second family. This whole trip flew by. This morning we woke up at 530. To get the day started, we began with cleaning every surface. Around 7:30, we ate breakfast, which included Linda’s masterpiece eggs and cereal. Once breakfast was over, our second race was underway. The beginning of the race was flawless- we were in first! Unfortunately, Zourite and Sambamba gained speed and passed us. Zourite got. First, Sambamba got second, and Celestial Storm came third. After the race, we motor sailed back to West End. Other than that, it was all cleaning. We cleaned all the way to West End. No breaks, just cleaned. But it’s okay, because of all our hard work cleaning we get more shore time. Tonight is the final BBQ, and I have high hopes that it will be the best one ever! I’m sad to be leaving this beautiful place, but I made lots of memories and new friends. ActionQuest has been a blast, and I hope that everyone had just the same amount of fun as I did. Can’t wait to come back for more adventures! I’ll miss you, Celestial Storm. See you next year!