Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today started off with the majority of the boat waking up early. Everyone then regrouped back at the dock to listen to Mike’s pre-trip speech. It was very entertaining to watch a few of the shipmates play “Mike Bingo.” They made a list of words that they knew were going to be said in the speech. They then proceeded to shout bingo! whenever all of the words had been said. The rest of the afternoon consisted of a motor over to the Caves to do our first dive, swim tests, and help the younger shipmates snorkel. Everyone was excited to get back in the rhythm of diving and to just be in the refreshing water. Each of the shipmates passed their swim tests- the Divemaster program can officially start. Tonight we are going to have our first lecture and then we are probably going to head to bed early because everyone seems extremely tired after today.