Location: White Bay, Peter Island

After a long travel day yesterday, (almost) all of our boat got to meet and get settled on Catalinaville. We are still waiting for Gabi, who will be arriving later tonight. This morning we had a dock chat with Mike and the entire program, and eager hitting the grocery store, finally got off the dock! We sailed our way to White Bay, Peter Island. We all managed to survive the swim test that followed and then got ready for a checkout dive. The dive was quick, and we all reviewed our basic scuba skills. Our chefs cooked an awesome meal of Sloppy Joe’s for us. Clean up is currently underway, and Davis is learning his lesson about cheating the game “odds” by having to wash all of the dishes by himself! Later tonight, we are going to have a meeting with all of Dive Side. We’re all super excited for the next few weeks!