Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was the start of our ActionQuest journey. We woke up to cereal and a talk on the dock. Mike talked to the whole program about safety and our trip going forward. After that talk we were free to go underway!! After waiting another hour and half… When we finally got the go ahead to leave we were all super excited. We had a little trouble with the mainsail, but after a brief sailing talk we were underway and at the Caves in no time. At the caves we had a swimming test, which consisted of treading water for ten minutes and swimming around the boat six times. We were all ready for some fun after the test and we were rewarded. Snorkeling the caves where Blackbeard, the notorious pirate, supposedly hid his treasure and even seeing a sea turtle was the perfect way to restore our enthusiasm. Then we took a brief shower and headed to the next bay over where we are to spend the night.