Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today had been a great day. We woke up to some delicious pancakes cooked by chefs Michael and Carmela, then got to do on a super fun dive. We took our fins off underwater, had a finless race 40 feet below the surface, and took some great pictures. After the dive, we all hurried to get ready to go to port in Road Town Tortola! Everyone got some amazing Gelato and lunch during the two hours we were there, and once we were back on the boat, it was race time! We turned our PFD’s inside out for good luck, and then we were off. Rangitoto Too pulled ahead first, we were in the lead! Then, as the race to Norman Island continued, we seemed to be getting farther and farther behind. Soon, the race was over… and we got last. We may not have gotten first, but we sure did have fun. Now we’re gathering around the dinner table for the last meal together as Rangitotes. The tortellini that the chefs made looks great; I can’t wait to have some. All in all, today has been wonderful, and I’m super excited to spend my last full day with my awesome family tomorrow!