Location: The Bight, Norman Island

This morning, Great White woke up at 7am in the beautiful GHP. We had some amazing pancakes for breakfast, getting the Neptune’s ready for their fun dive that morning, which was an absolute blast! The Dolphins went turtle tagging at this time and even though it was unsuccessful, we did see a turtle and enjoyed our time together searching in the clear blue water Once the Neptune’s finished their dive the dolphins finished their tagging, we motored over to Road Town for a little bit. Here we were able to grab lunch and stock up on snacks as well as talk to family and friends back home (shoutout to Hannah C., loved to talk to you!). Once our port time was over, all of dive side and Lifeworks lined up and got ready for our sailing race. It was so exciting! Great White crushed all of dive side in the race, and was racing head to head with the Lifeworks boat Snow Cat for the majority of the race. Energy was high during the entire race, which may or may not be due to the Lucozade (orange soda) that we may or may not have had in town. Either way, we crushed it in the race! 2nd place is not too shabby! The race ended in the Bite at Norman Island, which is where we will spend our last night on the water before going back to West End tomorrow. Super hungry from our busy day, we were super excited to eat a great dinner of chili and rice! This busy day will for sure put us all to sleep ASAP tonight, if we don’t pull any pranks, which we probably wont. Or will we?