Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today the staff and shipmates of Rangitoto Too woke up to the cozy aroma of pancakes. We eagerly jumped out of bed and sat down to breakfast all with the realization in the back of our heads that this is one of the last breakfasts we will share. After cleanup, the Neptunes went water skiing while the dolphins tagged turtles. At 10:00am, the two groups reunited back on board and we set sail for Road Town. Although most of the stores were closed in port, a great time was had by all as we caught up with friends from other boats, and restocked our snacks. After Road Town, the race between the catamarans was soon to begin. Rangitoto Too was off to a strong start as one of the first boats to hoist our main sail. However, we had some complications, and ultimately had to take down the main sail, and hoist again. But our moral was still high, and we hoisted again with even more enthusiasm than the first time. We then unfurled the jib with great haste as we knew our starting position was being compromised. Although our enthusiasm never wavered, we ended up starting and finishing the race in last place. After the race, we showered and sat down to our last dinner on the boat of cheddar broccoli pasta and biscuits. The day finished off with writing cards for our shipmates and staff while watching a double rainbow.