Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning started out great as I woke up to Disney music and the smell of pancakes. After breakfast we reviewed our divemaster exam with Simon, surprise, everyone passed! My shipmates and I celebrated with lunch and Gelato in Road Town. Upon returning to our boat, Chance surprised us with a dive on the Fearless! Emily and I had a blast exploring the wreck and posing on the toilet that still sits on the top of the deck. JJ pointed out two arrow crabs and we saw lots of sergeant majors, sea cucumbers and my personal favorite; feather duster worms! Griffin even found a huge lobster. Once we all returned to Surprise we anchored in Peter Island, where Chance hosted an epic belly flop contest. While many valiant competitors gave it their all, Connor prevailed. He is currently icing his chest and basking in the feeling of his victory. Tonight, we will enjoy breakfast for dinner and a movie as we near the end of our trip. Sail Cat Surprise standing by, seven-two.