Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was just another awesome day aboard Adonis. We began the day with a visit from Rose of Great White who was also decked out in full face paint of a British flag due to the prank she pulled at 4am this morning. After a breakfast of oatmeal we all headed out onto shoe for some shopping (as well as some awesome milkshakes). After shore time, we took off, heading back to GHP for a dive in the early afternoon. The Neptune crew tackled a fun dive around the reef while the dolphin group went for their final dive concerning their research projects. One group got particularly silly and decided to take their BCD’s off and play ninja, while underwater! After the dive, everyone headed back to the boat, Neptune‚Äôs to study and dolphins began writing their research papers. After showers and an amazing dinner of Mexican food (prepared by our lovely chefs Lucia and Isa) everyone joined in for squeeze before beginning cleanup. Although many things were accomplished today, there were unfortunately two casualties. So please say a prayer for Taylor’s iPod (which is currently swimming with fish) as well as Ally’s dive watch.