Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

If you were a skipper today, then you were the first to really experience our first real race of session 1. I woke up and pretty much ran straight to Ka Ou Fe for our first skipper’s meeting. This meeting was with all the monohulls and both skippers on them. During the meeting, we discussed how we were going to West End from Sandy Spit. We had this meeting to figure out what direction we were going, what point of sail we were on, the order of our boats, and the rules of the race. Getting back to the boat, Ruth and I explained what was going on, and the team got to work. All seven boats had to get in one fairly straight line. This was a process. We all got in a line together, then 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… go! The boats were off. With Zourite in the lead our boat, then Ka Ou Fe, then us and the rest of the boats. We got to West End for a time in port. Later at another skipper’s meeting, we are discussing race safety, and then we headed to Great Harbor, Peter Island. I don’t know the winner, but I know that we beat Ka Ou Fe. Then we cooked a Mexican night and soon have a Lifeworks Forum on one of the catamarans.