Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

It all started when we woke-up to the same morning song, and the smell of oatmeal. After clean up, we had our first skipper’s meeting. There every skipper from every boat that was racing got together to go over the rules and the routes.  Sometime after that, we all raised our main sails and got ready at the starting line. We all got into our positions, and the race began. As fast as we could, we unfurled the jib and the boats were off.  For about an hour we all raced to West End where we all got off to have lunch and contact our families and friends.  After about 3 hours we all got back on our boats and got ready for our second race. This race was much more complicated because we had to go up wind, but we managed to power through with complete success; because success is a perspective. Now we are on Peter Island for the night and will have a sail chat and then an early night before tomorrow where we will go to Road Town.