Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

What another fantastic day! Many of us were woken up by a squall in the middle of the night, but then we were woken up later in that morning by a warm bowl of oatmeal. After breakfast, Ruth and I quickly hoped into Lava (our dinghy) and drove off to Midnatt Solen III for our first meeting of the day. The first drag race was from Sandy Cay to West End. Unfortunately we did not win, despite our advantage at the start by bring the second boat to the wind. A boat called La Bella Vita ended up winning that race. In West End everyone was shuttled to the shore with a wallet and phone in hand for lunch, which everyone had a lot of options for! I personally had a deli sandwich, a baguette and a mud pie for dessert. At 1:00, we were brought back to the boat then almost immediately; I came back with Ruth for the second race meeting. Our boat Sambamba started 3rd from the wind for this next sail. Tonight was Mexican night, but then we realized we had no tortillas and had to borrow some from the other boats in our fleet. A funny thing that happened today was on the radio I called to see if anyone knew the placement stop for the second race, then Jake answered Surprise is first, then 2,3,4,5,6 Wondy then said “Thanks for trying to clarify, but who is #2?” I assumed he wanted me to say that on the radio so I did, after that, everyone got super quiet. I then realized it was just a joke and he didn’t want me to say that. It has been a pleasure being skipper on this crazy race day, Now we only have 3 days left in this truly beautiful group of islands.