Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we woke up from a long night’s rest, listening to the first song on the morning CD. After listening to about 4 more songs, we had a yummy breakfast of oatmeal . After cleanup, we motored to West End. During our motor the wind got up to 26 knots and the sun was nowhere to be seen. Once we got to West End, we got our phones back and went to the grocery store and shopped for a while. Once back onboard, after two hours on the dock, we motored over to Great Harbor Peter. This was a very very very bumpy ride. When we got to GHP we went on a dive to find the broken anchor from the RMS Rhone. We didn’t end up seeing the anchor but we saw many other cool things. I missed one dive so I had to make up a wreck dive called the Fearless. This wreck was really cool and I had to map it. After coming up from the wreck, we moved from the mooring ball to go anchor. After we anchored we took showers and ate some really good Mexican food! After, we did a squeeze and then had a boat clean. Gabbie, Brooke, and I were the only ones whose cabin looked good and clean so we did not have to do much, but the boys’ room is SO messy and disgusting. However they are making progress and the boat is starting to look brand new!! In just a little bit we are going to watch a movie and just chill. Day 17 is now over, and we only have a few days of the trip left.