Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today was a very relaxed day. It began with a late wakeup complemented by a just as lazy breakfast consisting of French toast. When the crew finally awoke, we started our knot test- we were tested by the staff to show that we had the skills to tie the simple knots like a bowline or figure 8. After that, we set sail and departed for the sea. When we had our sails full and were at a decent speed we started our second test. We all took turns helming, using the mainsheet and jib while the staff checked off our skills. Then finally we made a beat for a small island that looked like the perfect and idyllic sandy beach. When we arrived, we hopped off the dinghies and began messing on the beach. After a long day of tests, we had a great time. Two hours later, we returned to the boat exhausted and starving. Our day now ends with the smell of dinner being cooked and everyone listening to one of our members play the guitar.