Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

After AQ’s longest and most tiring day, we all got to sleep in an extra glorious hour and woke up to some delicious French toast. We motored over to Sandy Spit, where we were presented with the challenge of finding our favorite two kettlebells affectionately named “thirty.” All 19 of us rescues split into groups and did a search and recovery dive to find our missing “friends.” We then relaxed with a lunch of ramen noodles and some fun jamming to music. All was well until our dance party was abruptly interrupted by a disaster! A few of us hear shouting over the noise of our music and ran to the bow to find a panicked diver and her unresponsive friend at the surface. We soon learned that there was a third unresponsive diver below the surface: our first scenario had commenced. As can be expected, there was a fair amount of screaming and running frantically around the boat, but in the end, we all worked together to “rescue” the divemaster who was acting for the scenario. Afterward, we celebrated our success and went to the playground for a fun dive where we saw sharks a squid and a turtle! It was a busy and packed day but tones of fun. Tonight we are joining with the rest of the dive side for a lifeworks forum. We’re all tired and ready to sleep even if we are sleeping with bathing suits and once eye open in case of another scenario.