Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We had a lovely sleep in this morning after a late night at Sidney’s Peace and Love restaurant. After enjoying an awesome, breakfast of French toast (shout out to the chefs Gus and Adam). We set off to show our skills in sailing practicals. The knot test consisted of reef, bowline, figure 8 and cleat knots. We then had to show how to perform sailing circles of different points of sail. The man overboard drills are the most involved, with a fender being knocked overboard and working to bring it back onboard. Not an easy task just using wind power! The divemasters didn’t have to perform these tasks, but definitely got enjoyment out of it. We then anchored at Sandy Spit with the rest of the flotilla. The Vegas got to enjoy the white sand while the divemasters went on a dive and search and recovery workshop. e are now showered and about to enjoy a great dinner at the end of a great day! Tonight we will be attending another Lifeworks forum and will surely have a lot to take away.