Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today was a pretty chill day at ActionQuest. Marina, our skipper, woke us up by our wake up playlist ringing throughout our boat. We changed out of our PJ’s and we got breakfast. One of our staff members, Pippa, woke us all up, so that we could help with breakfast. We turned on the motor and headed for Sandy Spit, where the day’s activities would take place. The dolphin students had project dives, the rescue divers had a scenario and the Neptunes had fin dives. For lunch, we had Ramen noodles. Nest the dolphins begin their papers where they’ll show what they’ve learned throughout the three-week session. The rescues had their fun dive and the Neptunes had free time on the beach. At dinner, Mike, the director of ActionQuest visited our boat where he partook in our meal of franks and beans and cornbread. After we finished, Mike led us in a discussion about ourselves and our characteristics. During this, we really got to know each other a lot better. Tomorrow we are on to new things, cooler things, exciting things and everlasting memories. Shazam!