Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we woke up and immediately started out by motoring over to Brewer’s Bay. While we were underway, we ate oatmeal and cereal. During the trip, we were entertained by bait balls being chased to the surface by larger fish and frigate birds diving at the surface. Once we got to Brewer’s Bay, the dolphins went to Luna Kahuna to go on their first research dive of the day. The Rescues stayed on Spindrift and completed a search and recovery dive. The search and recovery dive consisted of 4 buddy groups looking for 4 “lost” objects. After the dives, the two groups were reunited when Luna Kahuna and Spindrift rafted together. We ate quesadillas and prepared for a fun dive. The dive at Shark Point was a really cool dive because there were multiple swim-throughs and lots of interesting fish. The dolphins went on their second research dive of the day at Spark Point. We then went to get more freshwater and refuel at Cane Garden Bay. While that happened, the rescues learned how to properly administer oxygen to a victim. After the oxygen training, we prepared and ate Peanut Chicken for dinner. Overall today was a pretty great/interesting day!