Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

This morning all started with waking up, seeing the sunrise, and eating a delicious breakfast. After breakfast, we all got bathing suits and sunscreen on to go Pico sailing. Pietra, Lilah, Eli and I got to go first. At the end of Pico sailing, Eli ended up towing us back. After coming in we, all made bracelets and learned cool knots!! I was a pretty good bracelet maker. Once we were, all done making bracelets we all went down below and learned some navigation skills! I had to find the points on the chart of where we were going today and I luckily did it right and got us to the right island! When we finished navigation skills, we all got ready for our diving and went our instructor’s boats. Pietra and I went on our final dive and got our advanced diving certification. The water was so pretty and there was a huge squad of squids. When we came back, we all ate lunch and went out for a sail. When we arrived in the beautiful bay, Pietra and I got off and got a huge bag of ice to eat. Then we fueled up and got water! Now we are anchored in beautiful crystal blue water. We ate a delicious dinner and will have a sail chat after. After chat, we get to have cake and then we are off to bed for an exciting day tomorrow!