Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We all woke up this morning at 6:30 to eat and prepare for our exciting day. We watched the sun roll over the rocks and cliffs of Muskmelon Bay. Today was a rotation day and a pretty special one at that. Our first rotation was diving. This was the Vega’s fourth open water dive and our final required PADI dive. After that dive, the Vegas were all fully certified PADI open water divers. That dive was also pretty exciting for the Barracudas. The Barracudas had to plan their own dive. This means that they would be able to choose where they would go and for how long. Both the Vegas and Barracudas were thrilled to see a large nurse shark lurking in a coral reef. Our second rotation was the ship’s systems. Sambamba was happy to have Fritz take us to Ka Ou Fe to show us about the engine and other systems of the boat. Our lunch was supposed just to be tuna salad, but we were happy that our skipper had saved leftovers to make some delicious tortilla pizzas. Our third and final rotation was watersports. Many of us tried waterskiing and wakeboarding, as opposed to kneeboarding, for the first time. We all had a blast no matter what we did. At 3 pm, we started our journey to Cane Garden Bay. We refueled and got more water. We had Thai peanut chicken for dinner and settled down to welcome back Lisa from her brother’s wedding. We were lucky to have a special cake dessert prepared to watch Morning Light for a movie night. From activity to activity, port to port, today was filled with surprises and new activities.