Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we woke up well rested in Sommer’s beach. Quality sleep and large amounts of oatmeal fueled us for our long sail to our dive site. Today I was at the helm for the sail. The winds were super strong, and my shoulders are still sore from wrestling with the wheel all day. It was nice to be at the helm again after so long. We arrived at our first dive, the pinnacles. There were a bunch of stone pillars crawling with marine life. My favorite part of the dive was the massive trench. It reminded me of the tall trench in Nemo. After a wonderful lunch of quesadillas and salsa, we rafted up with another boat. This dive site was called Shark Point. Unfortunately, the dive had no sharks. This was one of the few dives with little marine life. On the bright side, there were a couple of swim-throughs that were really good. Then we left for Kane Garden Bay. We arrived, fueled up, refilled our water tanks, and settled down. Can’t wait for what tomorrow brings!