Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was incredible. We got to explore and hike Salt Island. The view from the top is all around mountains, clear water, salt, rocks, and other islands. Words are not enough to describe the majestic 360-degree view up there. Before exploring heights, we explored depths which were surreal. We went diving on a shipwreck which has an interesting story. We saw rainbow fish and huge lobsters. Diving that wreck was so nice because we felt like we were in a pirate movie. I also saw a shark over there! Let me tell you, sharks swim so fast. The view everywhere we go is unbelievable, underwater and on land. We made a swing on a boat to jump in the water! Where we swam up was surrounded by many beautiful islands. Everything we see is surreal, I still cannot believe that I have the chance to do all of these amazing things.