Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we woke up at about-to-early-to-function o’clock. Our wonderful mother, Lawre made us eggs, cut up cantaloupe and oranges and brought out cereal. We cleaned up and went over to Surprise and started our open water dive #4. It was really fun. After diving, we went to our next rotation, which was water sports. I wake boarded and Emma drove the dinghy. I went so fast that when I fell, the skis flew off while I was turning! After we did water sports, we had lunch, which was vegetable soup. After lunch, we watched a sailing movie. Then I showered in the ocean had a granola bar and we motored to the north side of Tortola. Now I’m writing this and then I am going to the beach to BBQ with my friends! This sums up my super chill day with my family.